Monday, June 1, 2009


Dear Design Team ,
Unfortunately on Wednesday 3rd June I will not arrive at the studio until 5pm.

I apologize for the disruption to you and realize that you are close to submission.
To make up for this situation I can be available at your convenience at the following times.
Wednesday 3rd June 5pm- 8pm
Thursday 4th June 6.30pm - 8.30pm

Could you all assist in forwarding this message to others in the class, as I am unsure if some of you are receiving my emails.
Please confirm which times you will attend. All of you must see me this week please.
If these times do not work for you , then please communicate with me.
Thanks for your co-operation

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Studio Team,

Apologises for not being able to run the class today 27Th May, unfortunately I have been knocked out with a cold and I thought it best not to share it with you.

To make up for today's lost studio time I would be pleased to run a session
on Saturday 30Th May form 2-5pm in our usual design studio.

Those  of  you who wish to attend MUST confirm and elect a time between 2-5. I do not want to be in the studio for 3 hours on Saturday afternoon and then have no one turn up.
Please email me your confirmation on

Please also include your mobile telephone numbers for ease of communication in case something goes wrong, eg. I cant get into the studio because my swipe card decides not to work.

Thanks for your co-operation and in the meantime use your time productively.


Friday, May 22, 2009


Could all please come to studio prepared to work on their designs and equipped with all the visual material to talk about their design concepts. Don't forget your concept models!

Note a lot of you are struggling with the size of the site as compared with the required areas of accommodation for the project.
If the site is too large, then use your judgement to occupy and design on only part of the site.
Site 1 is 80m in length , you will struggle in attempting to design all of it. 

Also all of you should have your site and surrounding context diagrams completed to use and support your design propositions.
Please don't do dead analysis but rather make observations of the site , surrounds, history of the place and your precedents. At the same moment always asking the questions , how will this be relevant to the project, how does it impact on the project , how does it give form to the project?

Lastly work with purpose and vigor!

Monday, May 11, 2009


Design team,

Please come to studio prepared to explore.
Come armed with:
- precedent studies of relevant art galleries, shops and houses
- prepare parti diagrams of the precedents
- visit and select your site prior to class
- prepare site analysis and importantly make observations and conclusions about the site to generate a design approach.
- photograph your site and its surrounding context
- pin up all your information on the studio walls ready to start at 2.

We will have a working session , so bring the usual paper,pins,tape,pencils

Also don't forget you must upload your presentation from last week!

I look forward to your observations and insights.

Friday, April 3, 2009


Design team,
your efforts in your presentations demonstrated that you are on your way to understanding the power of Parti and Poche.

Now the trick is to carry these lessons forward with you and make use of these as tools in continuing your design investigations. Most importantly they will be powerful tools to use in evolving your own design process.

All those students that have not sent me their blog address, please do so.
All the team must now upload all Parti, Poche & model work ready for our next design studio.

I STRESS that everything you post on your blog site is a reflection on the way you design and communicate your design intentions.
Please compose your site with care and design attention.
No half baked scans , blurry, almost invisible images.
Edit and select your final presentation drawings and photographs and work in progress models and drawings.
You are telling a story about your process and finally presenting your outcomes.

Project 2
Room & Narrative 

Please come to week 5 studio prepared.
Bring all your investigation material on domestic interiors.
The wall of the studio should be covered in your great examples of interiors, window, door , interior/exterior relationships.
You should use your new skills in parti to analyse and make observation of architectural devices.

Please have the room arranged and ready to start on time.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Design team - prepare for week 2 !

Don't forget to:
  • bring pins, pens, pencils, tape, paper,tracing paper,computers for another session of interactive design
  • set up the studio as we did last week ready for the start of the session at 2pm
  • all your draft parti & poche drawings pinned up ready to start the session at 2pm
  • your approach to how you will build your models (also pinned up) and I am sure that some of you will already have started, so bring them with you!
  • again please do not bury your work in your computer, pin up work so we can all learn from each other
  • please send me your blog email addresse asap
As a team you crossed mountains into new territories and scaled new heights in your first attempts at presenting a parti, so I can say we are all looking forward to another insightful studio.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Welcome Studio Team

In the spirit of fostering shared knowledge, could all team members 
come to our first studio session prepared with:
  • hard copies of the Villa plans, sections, photos and any interesting diversions
  • masking tape and pins so that your research material can be pinned up for group discussion
  • tracing paper, pens,pencils and markers _ be prepared to DRAW!
  • please make sure your material is printed and not buried in your computer
I look forward to an inspired session.